Friday, April 26, 2013


The Tara Lynn DeRogatis Foundation is in talks with Emerson College in setting up special mix media scholarships for the 2013-2014 school year. Additional, Tara Lynn DeRogatis Foundation, will be showcasing selected original oil paintings on canvas at the new location in Los Angeles in 2014. Tara is an 2001 alumni with a B.A. Media Arts, Minor: Photography.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Tara Lynn De Rogatis Foundation partners with the Stella Adler School, Hollywood, CA

The Tara Lynn De Rogatis Foundation has been formed to bring awareness, aid, and all other services necessary to facilitate a fair and just system by which victims and their families can be fully compensated for their loss in the following areas: medical malpractice, prescription overdosing, mental health advocacy, violent crimes and domestic abuse.

This Foundation is in partnerships with those schools,  churches, advocacy groups, and other non-profit organizations committed to bring about change on a grassroots level.  For this purpose we have joined in a non-profit partnership with Stella Adler’s Scholarship Fund for 2013-2014.  Twenty ( 20%) proceeds from Tara’s original art Giclee reproductions,  purchased by students, friends and alumni of Stella Adler School will go back to the students to help equip them with all the essential tools and scholarships to master their craft so they can move forward and make a big difference in their lives and the lives of others.  This action-packed mission is a very important part of Tara DeRogatis’ Legacy. Her mission was interrupted by violence/medical malpractice.

Now we look toward those who will carry on in her place.  Tara’s talented gift was the ability to use her creativity in the arts with her deep spiritual quest. Tara’s was gifted in Acting, Art, Mix Media, and Photography. Her goal was to take these developed skills and missionary efforts, and work toward helping others achieve their dreams,  goals,  and find their purpose in this life.  We have an emphasis on helping those who need financial backing to gain the tools for their craft, and a deep responsibility to those in our society who have been victims of great injustices. Key areas are education, awareness and aid for those who have experienced domestic violence, medical healthcare malpractice,  and violent crimes. Our actions are to move forward to place positive, life changing opportunities to the underprivileged, the talented, those working on recovery from a traumatic event and civl justice for all.

We look forward to a successful non-profit partnership with Stella Adler in making a difference in the students and teachers at the school and in equipping them in their craft. We dedicate 20% of proceeding of our art and other creative entities on our website to the Stella Adler Scholarship Fund 2013-1014. Please visit us at We also have an art exhibit at the Stella Adler School in Hollywood, California

Linda  A. De Rogatis